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"Mice shu 佳 肴 、", 魚 seafood on the island, along with the island sake 酒

Oki Islands are, without saying, remote islands surrounded by the sea on four sides.

In addition, Oki Kinkai is an ocean current where warm and cold currents meet, so a wide variety of seafood colors the seasonal dining table.

This hotel "Chief chef" who knows all the fish of the island born and raised in the local, focusing on carefully selected seafood
We offer Japanese kaiseki.

In addition, the brand "Okihomare" representative of the food
There are many local sake on the island,
You can enjoy it with the sake recommended by the “Shimane local sake meister”.

Relax and enjoy the taste of the island throughout the seasons.

Cooking course

  • Basic dishes (One case)

    Our chief chef chooses according to the purchase of the day
    We prepare "Seafood Kaiseki" using fresh and delicious insea fish.
    Please enjoy the local cuisine with a firm volume.

    • Seafood dishes with a focus on seasonal seafood

      All 10 to 12 items

      ■Pre-sealed, seasonal small bowls, "Sari, seasonal sashimi," grilled fish, grilled mackerel, etc., "Dashi, seafood shabu-shabu," strong fish, seasonal boiled fish, "steamed rice, steamed rice, steamed rice," fried food, tempura Sheng, "dishes of vinegar," meals, Oki Product Koshihikari, "椀," vegetable pickles,■Water candy
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Grade UP food (One case)

    One at a time! "Seasonal seafood sashimi for every season"···
    It will be served in plenty.
    (Of course, even for elementary school children!)

    Customers are often asked "How many people are this?"···.
    One serving (one bowl)!
    Please enjoy the blessings of Oki Nature!
    • Shimadore Okemori Seafood Kaiseki (kaiseki with seafood caught in the island served in wooden bowl)

      For basic dishes, plus ¥ 2,000 (Tax excluded)
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Breakfast (One case)

    【Breakfast】"Breakfast in Island"
    Breakfast used "Koshihikari" from Oki Product
    Please enjoy the Japanese-style breakfast of the item satisfaction centering on the specialty "Mozuku seaweed rice porridge".
    It is available.

    Contents【One case】
    ■Taste easy from morning, special Mozuku seaweed rice porridge"Mozuku seaweed rice porridge"
    ■Island is a staple! , Raw fish sashimi
    ■Grilled fish
    ■Boiled or cooked
    ■Firm vegetables too! "Raw vegetable salad"
    ■"Miso soup" using locally produced miso

    ★Of course, the Oki Product"Koshihikari" is freshly cooked! White rice too
    I prepared it!
    ※Menu contents by day,
    It may be slightly changed.
    • Breakfast special "Mozuku seaweed rice porridge"

      All about 10 items

      We will prepare Japanese set meal of satisfying items with a focus on the specialty "Mozuku seaweed rice porridge" using "Koshihikari" from Oki Product
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Seasonal dishes (winter)

    The chief chef of the hotel kept alive on the day of the stay
    Purchased “Oki Matsuba Crab”
     Enjoy a multi-course meal with one serving per person.
    It is available.
    ToTomenu(One case)ToTo
    ■Prefix, Seasonal small bowl dishes
    ■Sashimi, Oki Matsuba Crab Sashimi and Three Kinds of Seasonal Seafoods sashimi and Oki Matsuba Crab Sashimi and Three Kinds of Seasonal Seafoods
    ■Pottery, Grilled Oki Matsuba Crab crab (Including shell grilled)
    ■The treasure, Oki Matsuba Crab crab
    ■Fried food, Tempura or fried chicken of seasonal seafood
    ■Meals, Oki Matsuba Crab Congee
    ■Pickled Vegetables
    ■Water candy, 8 dishes
     ※Foods other than crab may need to be changed depending on the stock situation of the day.

    • Oki Matsuba Crab Kaiseki Meal

      Period available:
      December to February