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Things to do

Hagoromoso's! , Oki Island! , How to spend! , How to enjoy! , I spend the leisurely in this sky and the sea with the important person and alone·

We will show you how to spend this facility.

There are different styles of stay, with friends, with family or alone.

We look forward to welcoming you in our prime location and fresh seafood!

In Hagoromoso, ❝, MY, HOLIDAY, ❞

  • After enjoying the sights of Oki···

    • Check in from 16:00

      Please check in at the lobby where you can see the ocean spreading out in front of you.

      A break at the welcome tea····
      Please check in slowly while watching the sea.

      The staff will guide you to your room.
    • Of course the room! Sea-side Japanese-style rooms with ocean views are recommended!

      Please feel the travel of the island in the sea side Japanese-style room (14 square meters, 18 square meters, 40 square meters) of this facility.

      Relax and relax in an open location. . . .
      As it is until dinner, leisurely reading, chatting with friends who agree·etc.

      In the evening, you can see the sunset sky that has been dyed red, and the starry sky and fishing fires in the evening.
    • If you take a breath···The sea that spreads in front of you! Take a walk around the area!

      Active customers take a breath and go outside immediately!

      It is also recommended that you take a walk while feeling the body of the water with the sun shining in the sun!

      It is also an ant to spend on the beach as it is until dusk (* ^ ^ ^ *)

    • Beef cattle stalls and tourist spots "Yana's boathouse", etc.·Please experience the life of the island!

      3 minutes walk from the hotel.

      A fishing village scenery "Yana's ship cabin" representing Oki.
      It is also selected as "Hundred Elections of Fisheries and Fishing Villages that We Want to Leave in the Future" (Fishery Agency).

      And the bullfighting of "cow-tuff" which is also a traditional culture of Oki.

      Feel the life of the island that you can only see, touch and experience in this place!

    • At dusk···Please relax in the public bath!

      Well, before dinner···

      Please heal the tiredness of the trip in the large bath where you can see the sea.
      If the weather is fine, the best bathing time is by far, at sunset!

      When you are immersed in a bath·The scenery just floating in the sea spreads out.
    • And····Please enjoy dinner at this facility.

      After refreshing in the bath, wait! Dinner time!

      A toast with dishes made from carefully selected seafood and local sake from the island!

      Please enjoy the moment of bliss.

      ※The dining venue is basically available in the large hall or lounge.